Crabbage Snatch

Crabbage Snatch - Wide World of Splurts

what you rooking hele fol, foor? 28-Jun-2001

CE: Hi, folks, it's Chris Econamaki, along with our color announcer, Eke Growler, and the Floppin' Scot, Jackie Stewart, on the beautiful cliffs of Acapulco, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, for the World Championship of Flop Tossing. You can really smell the excrement in the air.

JS: That's raight, Chrees, da folk's'l be traited to Cleef Flapping at its baist today. These brown darrdeveels hav'n't a sense of fear whotsoeever, Chrees!

CE: As you know, all this week, ABC's been bringing you coverage of many events in the world of Flop Tossing: freestyle, slalom, tandem, low-board, 3-meter board, many different weight classes, but today's event is what the people come to see - the heavyweight earthmovers doing precision diving moves off of the 320-foot cliffs of Acapulco into the surging surf below. What can you tell us about this extraordinary event, Eke?

EG: Chris, this takes a perfect coordination of diet, timing, bowel development, sphincter control, and careful training of the real stars of this competition, the turds themselves. There is no size or weight limit in this unlimited class, so some of the brown bullets cutting the wind up here will weigh in at 12 to 15 pounds. Real lunkers! To even make a showing at this level of competition, these dedicated competitors have been impacting their colons for four, five, maybe six weeks. This is not a "best of three" event. The shit is all on the line today. These giants in the Flop Toss will need to climb up the cliffs under their own power, back their heels to the edge of the stony cliffs, grab the "Shark Bar" with one hand, drop trou, let fly, and get themselves to the medical tent without assistance. The contestants must time their release perfectly so that their entry hits the surface of the water at the exact crest of an incoming wave. If they mess up, the water will be too shallow, and the turd will shatter and imbed iteslf into the rocky sea bottom below the surface.

JS: Who's oop on da cleef now, Chrees?

CE: That would be the Russian, Marshallis Jurgen-Evanoff. There's some controversy swirling around the Russian competitors, isn't there, Eke?

EG: That's right, Chris. This competition is limited to amatuers. However, although the Russians do not compete for money, they receive a tremendous amount of state support. Marshallis Jurgen-Evanoff is a good example. Because of his rectal talents, he is actually been given a commission in the Russian Navy. Year 'round he recieves a generous stipend, the best foods, and a "job" that permits him to practice his craft. In Jurgen-Evanoff's case, he is stationed on the transom of a minesweeper, dropping sonar bouys into the water at the Mormansk submarine base. It isn't breaking the rules, but it just doesn't seem fair...

CE: Okay. He's up to the line....Drops trou... Okay, let's cut to the ButtCam. I see some swelling...He's trying to concentrate....trying to relax....a couple of drips of brown...watching for his centimeter.......still at one centimeter.....still one centimeter....another centimeter....

JS: I'm sainsin' a beet a trooble oop there, Chrees.

CE: Still at one centimeter....a drip.....this doesn't look g.....OH, NOOOOOO.......He spews. No firmness at all. Just a wet, brown cloud of shit flakes riding the turbulent air currents down the cliff. The bulk of that spew blew over and just drenched the judges' box.

JS: The juudges canna like that, Chrees! They'll be needed new score cards I think. 'E's disqualified fer suure. Too bad.

EG: Yup, sometimes the contestants just get into Acapulco a few days too early. They call this "Pullin' Peaches". What a shame.

JS: Wail, who's next, Chrees?

CE: The next contestant is a real crowd-pleaser, folks, Todo Dodirr, all the way from Japan. This guy's always got something clever up his butt! I'm sure he won't disappoint us today.........Okay, he looks ready....back of his tatami sandals at the edge....flips up his signature silk robe...let's himself aclimate to the temperature of the breeze. Let's switch to the ButtCam....

EG: Look at the grimace on that face, Chris. We can only guess what's going through his mind right now, oh, wait a minute, wrong camera, sorry.

CE: We're seeing some good centimeter....two centimeters......four centimeters......six.....eight centimeters...ten centimeters....twelve...Geez, look at the surface of that thing. Bits of cloth, tin foil, bird beaks, buttons...what is that, a sparkplug?

JS: Wow, it almast reads like a novel, don't it, Chrees?

EG: He should've released at eight...

CE: .....fourteen centimeters....fifteen centimeters....

EG: Oh my God! Look at that! His turd already contorted itself into the tuck position - while it was still in his ass! There's some searing pain there, Chris.

CE: Sixteen centimeters...He's got his wave.....RELEASE!!!! Whoa, look at that! A triple gainer...a double twist...out to a swan...another gainer....double somersault....straightens.... Perfect entry!!! The judges love it when a turd enters the water perfectly straight and just RIPS the surface with nary a splash!!!

JS: Aye, I'll bait they do, Chrees. But I'll wager tha' Dodirr maighta experienced a bit too much RIPPIN' of 'is own on that one....


We'll get back to Acapulco in a minute. Let's take a minute to go to Vancouver and the 50th Anal Log Rolling Finals. And to keep you deep in the midst of the this event let's go to Chris Schenker and Jim McGay.

CS: Thank you. You know this event really goes way back to midieval times when the First Earl of Kunt missed the commode. The Duke of Abeline was strolling about musing to himself when he stepped on the growler but amazingly he rolled along... just rolled along.

JM: And thith ith jutht the penultimate...oh I love to thay that... penultimate event. Thay Chrith, I thee our firtht log ith in plathe.

CS: That's right Jim, and it's a true Sarkisian class brown mauler. Looks like it's the Russian Ivan E. Reksian versus the Austrian Hans Johb.

JM: Oh, I jutht love the thmellth of this clatthic. And look at Ivan thtarting hith roll.

CS: Oh, Jim, the Russian has found a solid section free of corn and he's really giving it a spin.

JM: Thatth what I would do. Uh oh, Chrith, the Authtrian theems to be thlipping.

CS: Yeah, it's about over...Whoa! Ivan E. Reksian just spun off on some whitish dollop!

JM: That lucky bathtard!!

CS: Looks like we're done here. Back to Acapulco.


And now back to our FCS studio where Jumbo Brown and Wowie Long are with our in- studio guest commentator, Bobbio.

JB: Wowee, Wowie! Can you believe some of the cumpetition we've seen so far today?

WL: The size of some of the entries reminds me of the infamous "Gardiser Shoveler" and the execution as smooth as the top of Tearing Broadstraw's head. What are your impressions, Bobbio?

B: Oh, I am sooooooooooo sorry, I was jus' checking da monitor of some replays and the sight of those perfec' turdcutters squeezing een an' out an' een an' out an een an out an' een an' out, uhhhh, well, it made me start to gleesten in my loin resgion. I must say dat dat leetle Japanese fellow could probably eet with that thing, which makes me kinda steef, efven tho' I'm s'possed to be partial to dee udder way. I was particularly excited by the tag that popped out of the boathole of the Indian entrant, Blandtblowpal. Da pinnish sanguine stream dat made hees entry look like Mars as a cumet should cost heem dearly with da East German judge, Lickhard Bunner, but I teenk it should result in arteesteec merit points with dee English judge, I'll Dumptons. Hees been dere. On da udder hand, Heavin' Feeled, da judge from Weeniesore, ees likely to geeve a very low score because dat happened to heem one time an' he all butt crapped hees asshole. Da memory could be too gruesome. I donno, tho'.

WL: Bobbio, would you like to go backstage with me?

JB: Hey, I invited him.

WL: Shut up!

JB: Well, if your going to jackoff, do it silently.

B: Bobbio canna do that, JB, unless hees taking da checkered flag at Talladega where no can hear. An' besides, its cleeper time for Bobbio, too.

JB: And now a message from our friends a Kimberly Clark paper products, sponsor of today's events.


Do you suffer from your own worst fears about cumminstration? Yes, that oh so little spotting just before the moment of total head-elation? Then stop what you're doing now (that means 'hands off' Brandt) and join us for the next half hour of pre-paid sponsorship on behalf of Kimberely Clark paper products.

What you are about to see is nothing less than the total solution to all heeeemroidal (snoid-like) irritations during pre-cumminstration. Why take unneccessary risks of health when this new discovery, unleased by Dr. Kleemhulz Klerig himself, has virtually removed all previously lactated vessels lying just below the surface of the lower sphincter (mudshark heaven).

That's right - no more tears for tears in the aorta da sphinctera. Just apply our happy jell at precisely the right spot - and rub profusely for approximately 10 minutes, or until ejaculation, whichever cums first (in Evens case that's 45 seconds - Marshals case, never). You can actually feel the warmth of the healing powers in the miracle jell going right to work. Soon, you be talking to all your friends about this amazing super-jell. Not to mention the boost in your self-esteem when using it day after day. Just think what your girl friends will say (Bobbio, Tommy Girl, Slackmouth).

Another quality Kimberely Clark product. And now back to our regularly scheduled program.....


CE: Folks, this is Chris Economaki again, breaking into your regularly scheduled shitcast, with an update on the World Championship of Flop Tossing from Acapulco. As you know, we were unable to finish coverage when the Dutch competitor, Grunther Brundt stopped up the entire movement of the games with the unprecedented tactic of simply holding it, for some three weeks now.

EG: That's right, Chris, it's an unusual strategy. The rules allow competitors as much time as needed to squeeze out their entry. Once they back up to the cliff edge and assume the position, they can stay there as long as they want, as long as they don't move their feet, and no one touches them or assists them. Brundt set up a terminal rictus in his sphincter and slowed his metabolism down to a standstill. The only energy he has expended for three weeks has been concentrated on keeping a tight spasm in his butt cheeks. After this much time, most of the other competitors have long ago been wearing their entries down the inside of their pants legs. What a competitor this guy is!

CE: The German, Lickhart Brunner's been up on the cliff for a couple days eating Braunscweiger sandwiches in front of the Dutchman, trying to induce some labor, but Brundt's been firmly holding his clinch, no matter what it smells like up there.

JS: Aye, Chrees, thees man is a lagend in the Natherlands. The Dootch people ha' coome to think that "bearing the brunt" o' something is a good thing! Why, instead of taking a shite, you'll hear 'em say they're "taking a Brundt".

CE: Well, the head of the turtle is finally starting to pook out there today. Some swelling has starting to show and the network has inserted us into the regular programming so the folks at home could get a load of the finale of this championship effort. You know, it looks like Brundt has had some tattooing performed on his asshole last night. What the hell does that say, Eke?

EG: Nothing, Chris. Those are stretch marks. It's all part of what happens when a loaf this size starts to rise.

JS: No food, no water, no human touch, no bowel movement for thray weeks! How's he do it, Eke?

EG: Jackie, Brundt has probably packed in nothing but pickled eggs, Rye Crisp and smoked Edam cheese for several months. That thing in his asshole is really calcified by now! If he doesn't throw that thing soon, it could turn into limestone. If this competition were held in the Southern Hemi, the counter-spin on that thing could kill him. It's called the coriol-anus effect.

JS: Waill, I can see the big Dootchman's starting to float 'is barge down the Moselle now. Thar's soome dripping an' a bit o' brown starting to show. That's gatta hart, doesn't it, Eke?

EG: Maybe not, Jackie, the Brundt family is well known for their assholes. During the war, many Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals took refuge up Brundt assholes to escape Nazi persecution.

CE: Eke, Eke, look, he's making a political statement today, too. Brundt's fashioned this turd into a reasonable likeness of Eleanor Roosevelt. There's her shoulder. Wow. Do you think he's in a lot of pain, Eke?

EG: I'm thinking he's liking it, Chris.....


JS - What's THEES happenin' here, Chrees? It loooks like a upstagin' ' sorts by a laite entry frum a man they call just 'RAG'. Hees a local ya know, an has more beef in hees diet than the ruules allow.

EK - just look at the size of this mans assh--

JS - Chrees, Chrees, loook! It's a sidewinder hees fashioned an turnin up the heat in this competition. It's a bloody drooler..I've noot seen the likes of a turd like thisn' since the Fieldlsy brothers ganged up on the proud brother Snoid in a contest at the '97 Crabbage fair...

EK - Well, ya old gis freak, this'll set you free! Look at the momentus effort being put out right now by the Blundt man himself! His corn's been in there so long that most it has popped - giving his entry an unusual texture and color.. a bit like carmel covered corn tha way he thrusts his cheeks to the side with every growl is definitely a crowd pleaser and teaser...

JS - Awe, shut yur trap ol' man an loook at thees thing the ol' man RAG 'as poot together. EET's amazin I tell ya! Hees cheeks 'er all butt lax now an steell there's a mushroom head a cummin from who knows where - he's not human I tell ya!

CE - A suddeen quiet has befallen the crowd. Something grotesque and oddly foul is making it's way onto the platform here at the cliffs. Not to be outdone, a great master himself has made an unusaul pilgrimage to these sacred cliffs to make one last statement. This man needs no introduction - the great one - has arrived. The Shark has been on the sidelines, obviously waiting for some competition worthy of his efforts. But, he is moving stiffly...

JS - Aye, what woon't yu too if yur clam bake had ended the way hees did last night. He doesn't even need to pinch 'imself all up like the others - waitin four foul weeks bafur takin a sheeet. He dooes it regulalary I'd say. With 'es great beeg appetite for all that cabbage and oother rabit like food, I don't know if thar's eenough meeat in es diet to cover the distance...

EK - Blundt has cum to a complete stoppage. If he gasps at the sight of another entry he'll be finished. And, to think he came this far - the least he could do is touch himself...this cometition is intense for all the competitors now. RAG has made a lot of progress, but at the expense of some serious blood loss. The ruffage was more than he expected obviously. It's painful to watch, Chris.

CE - No kidding, just look at the strain on his face. The damned thing started a sidewinder and now he risks disqualification if it actually touches him again. It's fully doubled back....he's no way out! Look man, it's a 20 pounder if it's a lick, and he has to lean heavily to counterbalance or he risks falling to the sea....

JS - That's joost eet, Chrees. These men arrre professionals. They've seeen worse things in thar day. I personnaly theenk that Blundt is enjoyin' himself 'as he hasn't started to teear up yet. Aye, the bloody thing is, ya can't count out a one o' them yet. Boott, my mooney's on the masterrr. EEF Shark can whail out another full chummer as e's managed befur, thar'll not be another man standing on that cliff...

CE - Well, there youhave it - a mexican stand-off in the perfect setting as sunset falls on the pacific - the cliffs hail to yet another day in the greatest and oldest sport in the world. This is Chris Economaki says so long for now from the cliffs of Dover --- that's Acapulco, actually.

RE: .......


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CM: Welcome back to the Spyglass Open. If you've just joined us, we're at the 17th green with a slight breeze at our backs. This year's favorite to win has just teed off and here comes Mr. Thibley behind him for his second shot.

JB: Weell, I wouldn't be puttin' that one past 'im. If he pushes thees one too far left 'ell be up the crick so's ta speak an' playin' the backside all over again. I tell ya, 'ell be in trouble Chris.

CM: Apparently, he likes it there because he's just pulled that one, too.

JB: I knew it! He had to be a flamer!! Loook at hees beeeg fat mud...

CM: Quiet, now.. the trap has him in a bind, but we've seen him make this shot a thousand times before.

JB: Aye..butt with 'ees 4 iron??

CM: We all know how much the Shark trusts his irons, Jackie. In fact, he hasn't had wood for some years now...

JB: Thaat's what I've beeen tryin' ta teell ya! Hees got a bloody canker on hees left hand an' e can't make that shot without some divine help 'er somethin.

CM: Well, apparently, that's just what he's getting now. His caddy, Nav Rag, has called in the judges for a ruling on the suave he wants to administer before the shot..

JB: Thaat's no bloody sauve! Hee's got a whole cup full 'o seamen I tell's ya. What a bloody cheater!!

CM: Not exactly, Jackie, this is merely an extension of the rules for perhaps one of the best players in the game today.

JB: My ass, damnit!! HEees bloody going ta rub that stuff all over hees hands and ball to make it glide like a rudder in a squawl. ..Good God, Chrees, loook, hees drinkin that sheeet...

CM: We break now for a word from our sponser, but, we'll return for the last hole after this word from "Cabin Rash".


Bambi: Lt. Bambi Benhard, sir! What's that in your hands, sir. A loin 'o pork?

Blundt: No, you idiot, it's a pork loin! Here, let me show ya how ta work these lines..

Bambi: OOhh, no, you don't get that thing away from me! It smells like an old whore!

Blundt: Yea,, you wood, too, if ya had to keep takin' all the seamen's fur a ride...

Bambi: I get it! Like something the snatchers would want to do after playin' a hard 9 holes? Butt, I thought it was 18?

Blundt: In your dreams. Hey, nooo.. don't pull that thing out! Ahh, damn, that's ugly!!!

Bambi: Yea, butt you'll grow ta loves it like yur own. It's growin on ya now, see!!

Blundt: Shut up, can't you see I'm busy....ummoph, splatt , ummph , arghh, awee

xoxoxoxxo xoxoxoxox

CM: We're back, now, in Spyglass, just up from the 18th where we can see the rest of the pack as they move up the leader board. Our favorites are still playing hard for a dead heat finish.

JB: Yees, it tees a hoot one, too, Chrees. But, many 'o thees players have beeen here before, tooo. Jost loook at the Field Marshall workin hees way up the line...Hees a pro I tell ya.

CM: The crowd has fallin silent as the third shot of Dusty Wanker's 5 iron has just bounced off the green and into the trap..

JB: OOoo, that's a bad breeak for Dusty, Chrees. He was doin' soo good on the front nine, too...

CM: Just like a pro, though, he's putting a ball in play with a fabulos shot off the flag,, and it just dropped in!! What a shot!

JB: Yuu can say that again, Chrees. Hee's jost about beat the board, now...Say Chrees, what does hees emblem stand for, on the back 'o hees shirt? It looks like some crusty ol crab!!

CM: Right you are, Jackie. That has been his crest of arms for some time now.. it grows on you I suppose...

JB: Maybee, it's jost a way 'o sayin' hee mississ 'hees cuntrymens....aayyyeee....

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