Crabbage Snatch Open - Clabmas Calors 2019

Crabmas Carols from 2019

Bend over, Crotchet 13-Dec-2019
Hey fucktards. Any song that starts with "Oh come" should be sung extra loud. Maybe with a grunting sound.

Oh come, all ye Snatchers
Fat assed and and all gray haired
Oh come ye, oh come ye to

Come and read stories
Born when we could write shit
Oh come read SS Snatch
And Krusty's PMS Cunt
And don't forget Snatch Spotting and
Marshall Swallows

Oh come, all ye Snatchers
Add a new pic caption
And sing all day to the song
A Sarkisian Crapsody

Come and see winners
You won't find that Brandt guy
Oh come see Geoff's road sign
Oh come see all the t-shirts
Oh come sing all the carols on

Sing this to "Here We Come A-Wassailing"

Jeez, How could you ever understand them fucking Brits??

"Here we go a-Snatching
Among the trees so green,
Here we come a squandering,
On Agg boards oh so mean.

May Unt Six come to me
And to you a mere Unt Thlee
And I'll pick you off and send you back to your home base
And I'll send you back to yer fucking home

Here we go a-Agging out
The kitchen full of smoke
But Oh! You just rolled out of turn
And now you gotta toke

Bongs and doobs come to you
And your die will only screw
And you're stuck in the middle and just can't get out.
And you'll lose cuz you just can't roll unt unt.

O Cum all ye fat boys
Drunken and unshaven
O Cum Ye, O Cum Ye
To kick Brandt's ass.

Cum and abhor him,
Born the Queen of losers

He's never been on the Trophy,
He's never been on the Trophy,
He's never been on the Trophy,
And he never will!!

O Cum all Ye Snatchers
Abuse, insult, and mock him
O Cum Ye, O Cum Ye
And rag on Brandt.

Cum and degrade him
Born the Queen of Whiners

He's never been on the Trophy,
He's never been on the Trophy,
He's never been on the Trophy,
And he never will!!

Sing this to "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"

You're a dumb one, Mr. Fisk
You moved to the Deep South
You like to grab a horse dong
You love how it's so long, Mr. Fisk...
If you could ram it up your ass and aspirate that semen load into a waiting mare's cootch
You wouldn't want Marshall's schlong

You're a short one, Mr. Fisk
You use a booster seat
Your hair has disappeared
And your wife thinks you look weird, Mr. Fisk...
If you ever get your pansy ass back up to the Snatch Marshall will make sure you get
Blown...sucked...and cock-reared

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