Crabbage Snatch Open - Clabmas Calors 2018

Crabmas Carols from 2018

Bend over, Crotchet 19-Dec-2018

Sing this to Baby It's Cold Outside

They really can't play (Baby, it sucks outside)
The guitarists are gay (Baby it sucks outside)

The music sure blows (And so do they all)
My eardrums out (Lessons would help, no doubt)

I really can't stand this shit (the drummer sure is a twit)
I oughta be playing a game (The song selection sure is lame)

I really need to run away (Tuning up won't save the day)
I thought it would be over soon (Oh shit there's another tune)

The neighbors called the cops (Something's dying out there)
Every year this flops (Maybe get a clue out here?)

I keep praying for rain
Cuz, baby, it suuuuucks ouuuuuutside


Let's hope this addresses the evil that has reared its ugly head...

Sing to Up on the Housetop

Out on the golf course fuckers cheat
Playing so sober they can't be beat
Cantrecall and Tomkovic straight as can be
Low shit-ass gross for all to see

No no no-they wouldn't smoke
No no no, they wouldn't toke
Out on the golf course dick dick dick
I put'm on the trophy, it's sick sick sick

Next comes the foursome including Rhagg
They play it right, not like that other fag
Bobby and Chandler and shitty Brandt
17 over and beat it -you can't!!

Whoa whoa whoa so play it right
Whoa whoa whoa make a fair fight
Out on the course be a proper bloke
Play all day with a birdie toke

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