Crabbage Snatch Open - Clabmas Calors 2016

Crabmas Carols from 2016

Bend over, Crotchet 24-Dec-2016

Twas the night before Saturday
And all through the cabin,
Jorge was drunk,
Bobby's dick he was grabbin'

He set him up,
With a shot of some hooch
In hopes that he will soon
Be wanting to smooch

He said, "No you perv!"
And Bobby tried hard to dodge
But Jorge sure knew
He'd get him at the lodge

The dicks down the road
Bunk where it is so lame
And we rag on them greatly
And call them by name

Fuck Shitlock and Marshall
Fuck Luis, Cantrecall
Fuck No Name and Wakeman
They all like to ball

When what do my wandering eyes
Soon perceive?
But Bobby a blowin'
He's down on his knees

Jaegermeister is working
Jorge has his poor bitch
His plan has gone off
With nary a hitch

"To our bunks down the road
To our sweet queenie hall
He'll blow us, he'll blow us
He'll blow one and all!"

And I heard him exclaim
As he drove out of sight
"I got dibs on his ass
I like when it's tight!"


Sing this to Up On The Housetop

Fuck you Snatchers
Lick my cock
You three said my victory
Would be a lock

Cantrecall shanking
His shots all day
Mumbles swearing
What the fuck did he say?

No, no, no
You didn't show
No, no, no
At golf you blow

Up on the golf course
Gag, gag, gag
And drunk by our tee-off
Was worthless Rag


Silent Night
Sunday Night
Snatchers gone
Just 4 do it right
Round the Agg Board
Sibs, Gak, Brandt, and Rag
No wasp cooked
Carnitas making us gag

Sleeping with Evan is Sibley...y
Sleeping with Evan is Sibley


Sing to Silent Night...

Fucked up t shirts
Man it sure hurts
All my art
Soon smells like a fart
Rag leaves the artboard
Just lying around
Grandkid's new play doh pad
Folded, tossed, and then found
Evan's an ass and he sucked
No-name was tagged but it's fucked

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