Crabbage Snatch Open - Clabmas Calors 2010

Crabmas Carols from 2010

Bend over, Crotchet 20-Dec-2010

Hey bitches,
No Christmas would be complete without reading "A Crabmas Carol" ( or enjoying know the tune.

Evan likes his brother's rump rump rump
Into the sack they go a-hump hump hump hump
He says before please take a dump dump dump dump
So there's more room for his small lump lump lump lump, lump lump lump lump, lump lump lump lump.
And from upstairs we hear a thump thump thump thump
What a chump.


Blundt, how about a nice cup of Shut the Fuck Up Nog? Still, may your Christmas be filled with gayness.

Since the Rev Ev has not felt compelled to offer his blessings for the New Year, I shall:

Vobbio, may your memory cells rejuvinate sufficiently that you never, ever forget the fucking calamari again.

Shitlock & George, may you receive remedial vocational training, so you'll know how to turn the fucking power back on.

Phir, may your tennis team fail miserably next year so you have no excuse for missing Snatch.

Benner & Snoid, may your rectal orifices be sewn shut.

Myers, may you make it onto the no-fly list, before October.

Sarkisian, may recover your vigor and scatological prowess.

Amen and FK,



Sing this to Joy To The World...LOUDLY!!

Boys more than girls,
Is what Iggy wants
Let me be clear on that
He comes up to the Snatch
To look at the fresh batch
Of rookies who get drunk
To take up to his bunk
And then E-e-e-e-van an'
Phir watch.


Deck The Halls...I think not

Dick and balls are Jorge's favorite
Glmph-ph-ph-ph-phhh ph-ph-ph-phhhh
Tits are something he steers clear of
Glmph-ph-ph-ph-phhh ph-ph-ph-phhhh
Tom he sucks on daily basis
Blows his anus noontime treasure
Glmph-ph-ph-ph-phhh ph-ph-ph-phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Sing this to "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"

Oh little trophy of Crabbage Snatch
How come I'm not on thee?
Cuz cheaters pad their own scorecards
And I just let mine be

Their names do taint your honor
There's Hack, Lodwig, and Rag
Come October I'll be on it
Sweet victory's in the bag.

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