Crabbage Snatch Open - Plevious Snatch Photos

Photos flom Plevious Snatches

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Rag, as usual, with a big mouthful of Stoyve's cum

Boyz in the wood

M. Parshall checking to see if he's worn it down to a nub yet

Sark with the inaugural Mudshark trophy

oh we had to carry Harry to the ferry (no, not that kind, asshole)
Plintabres (unt Bobbio?) caught in act of tlying to stear shilts

oh we had to carry Harry to the shore
Gloup photo

Oh Bahbbio...

Hugh, Ar, Hemi, Plintabres. Such a strong team.

Too blurry to tell (just like the rest of us). Looks like Chandler out of uniform.

Scrot, Big Ed, Slackett (looks like a shoo-in for Cabin Hair), Bahbbio, Sauce

Sark slackening up his mouth. Also Hemi and Bambi.

Hugh, Fisk, and Sark in the background (where you don't want him, if'n ye catch me drift)

M. Parshall at Meadowmont - looking more like his bro every day

Ben Hogan turns over in his grave

Hey, who bit off my middle finger? I told ya what would happen if those Apaches got a whiff of it.

Bambi, Gak, Quicksilver, Phir


Bahbbio (cutting the cheese again), Rag, Quicksilver

Blandt, Bahbbio, Ar practicing loogies-in-the-face

That limey fuck, and Tommy

Beer and orange juice - breakfast of champions

Rag, M. Parshall, Plinting, Bahbbio, Sauce, Quicksilver, Ar

Bozo on the Rag

The one-cheek sneak

Rag's wrist in mid flick

Do you mind if I touch your breast?

Practice, practice, practice

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