Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2017 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2017

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Captions provided by Dave Brandt, by the way, just so's we're clear

The mark of Whorro

Luis, your brother charges $20 for a blowjob. All I have is $15. Interested?

If you don't mind a snaggletooth, I charge only $10!

Greedy fuckers...FREE HERE!!!!

Hey, Evan...wanna rub my head?

Does it smell like anus?

He doesn't really need this ladder...1, 2,3...

So much nicer without Snatchers!

Hey Scott, how many times did you take it up the ass today?

I just negotiated for Number 4!

I am human...for now...

I like Phlegmlock

The calamari is going to cost you

Why can't there be more cabin shade?

Anyone seen a gay hispanic?

There he is!

Hey can we disinvite Marshall?

Nice big ass, that because of all the fuckings?

Do we have to do this again?

Who's gay?

Fuck! If he'd just drink Budweiser #30, we'd all have peace!!

Joowanna peetahmi?

Snoid...Al...I apologize ahead of time for my being in your foursome.

Taking another picture won't make it ant less shitty

Where's Sauce? He's taking practice swing #3000

Don't tell me Bobbio is in our group?

He's a dick, you know...

Dave's on the menu again

Heaven on Earth...

you fuckers...we've been to them all...blow us!!!!

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