Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2016 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2016

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

It's OK. Get Closer. Benner's not here.

Fucking idiot doesn't know how to put on a shirt!

What's all this white stuff?

Don't tell Kirk that's where I jack off

1 Dick...

2 Dicks...

3 Dicks...


Yeah. You'll need another 30 to get on the trophy.

...and so I shoved my fist way up Bobio's ass...

You next, Luis?

Anyone want my fist up their ass...anyone...anyone...?

Brandt wallowing in loss #30

You eat this and your Emeril will get LeGassy


I'm sorry. I had a bean burrito for lunch.

Hey guys...let me take your picture. Hey! How does this thing work???

You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out...

Do Snatchers burn?


Oh give me some head, when we go off to bed...

Hey guys...playing cards?

Bwian's pissed-away stwaight fwush

Ray Ray likes men behind him

Pardon me...a little dribbled down my leg

Wouldn't have won if Field had been in this foursome

Would you buy a used golfcart from this man?

We don't have enough gas to drive around that pylon

Evan and Brandt-I hereby dub you losers

Don't forget little Tommie

Sibley properly medicating

I damn near get asphyxiated when I bend over to tee a ball

Let me get a good look at where my ball won't be going

That's as far as that backswing goes

OH FUCK-I'm using my putter!

Snatch Vision

Fucking webmaster Phil posting shitty pics again

Not the first time Jorge had an over-abundance of white froth in his mouth

And the winner is...Who the fuck knows.

Flock of yellow-bellied cocksuckers

Fuckn' A

It's a good day

Shit-hole dump

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