Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2014 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2014

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Dishes...I'm such a bitch

Me too, honey

Gary brings up a case and takes a handling fee. Dick.

CSO is good for you

Oh, look Evan...somebody hung out their laundry

Yeah. We do this. Fuck you.

Soon there'll be but one lone hair

Julie-props, bitch


Motorized cooler

Bill Cantrecall does Marshall taste?

If you're Cabin Boy...shouldn't you be servicing me?

Rookie...this is yours

Bobby, you are booked at 7 for a quickie upstairs

Marshall...the rates are gonna have to go up ice cold?

Gom doing crafts

Ray Ray is gay gay


Nice Fart

Bwi Bwau

Nice prom dress, Scott

Is this the blow job window?

Jorge's brother likes a good pint of Canola

The most powerful intestines in the world

Marshall doing it right...standing in FRONT of Benner

CSO Gay Men's Chorus

Hey- anyone over there find the hair that used to be on the top of my head?

Yeah, Ray...fuck you and your private little table

I get long shorts to catch ALL the dribble

Hey, Joe...where you going with that dick in your ass?

...and THAT is why you don't want to sit down with all those assholes!

Oh,'s so mooshy!

Here, honey...

Two of the fuckers that kept Brandt off the trophy in 2014!

...and here's the third. It's a conspiracy

The complete antithesis of barcart Anna

Tomelia Earhart

Bunny up, bitches

No, rookie... you can't choose to shove them up your ass

Sherlock giving the boys white stuff for their mouths

Hey! Who's the dick by the truck?

Whore Hey

Marshall...remember when we were kids and we'd have sleepovers?


The 'special bus' heading back to the center

Rookie Rich Owens actually making people quit watching porn

Why the fuck am I happy? My glass is empty. I'm such a dick.

Rewriting history

Clabbage Home