Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2013 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2013

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Here Gary, let me help by drinking this beer

Bobby says "Me too!" but Marshall just wants his bowl of sperm

My sphincter used to be tighter and kept every drop in


I'm committed...I'm going all the way!

If you're going to jack off, do it silently

Damn,'re at the Snatch. Lighten up, bitch

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumb

Evan thought this looked poontangish and was getting wood

How most people see after being at the Snatch for a bit

Piss Art at the crotch tree. I call this, "Butterfly"

Bobby, I raise you a pile of dishes and a handjob

Gee, I HAVE to swallow?

I have become...Comfortably Dumb

Would Mikey mind if I reached around and grabbed his thing?

Oh shit...I did and now RayRay is talking about it all the years off my life

27 years ago...why didn't I say, "No fuckin' way!"?

Fuck you. We're Snatchers. We do what we want.

Some day I'll be old and gristley

The think tank...God help us all the origin of that white shit on your face. I'll give you 1 outa three

Cabin hair is SO unattainable with that old fuck to my left

Hi guys...playing cards?

Rookie no more...dickhead still on

Joe still ain't sure if he should play Bullshit

If I don't wash my hands, people complain of the fecal odors

I don't

I thought I was on vacation, fuck you

Hey...Brandt...we'll carry your sorry ass all day and then drop you at the pearly gates



Gee, Phil...don't be such a dick...I only said it was a little bitter

Here...perhaps a one wood in the face will help

Green grass and trees. Now why the fuck am I living in Texas?

Do you have my shirt? No. Your dad and uncle fucked up.

Evan...I can't see the cart. What cart, Joe?

Fuck, you have to pace off EVERY shot??!!

Did someone jack off in my cup??

All I tried to do was shove this ball up his he's pissed at me.

We're all bloody well happy the steering wheel is on the left.

Hey...come check out MY spotted dick you fuckin' limey!


I gotta take a squirt...

Hey! No watching...I'm kinda shy and Joey won't release.

You can look now


Cheers to Chandler's new-found booger






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