Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2011 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2011

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Just like in Africa...the Zulu Wars... fuckers got yer butts kicked again, right?

Uh, Bobbio...I'd like to order a blowjob for 9:30 tonight.

Sorry, Iggie...I'm booked all night.

I see Bobbio was behind you...your fly is open

Here, Tommy, your turn.

Ooooo. Why do I waste my time with the fly??

Chelsea SUX

Dude!...I never noticed there was a cabin there before.

Come sit on my lap...I mean vice versa

This beer tastes so good, I just jizzed myself

Kenny maintains all OSHA regulations...Beer on the top rung ONLY!

Now where the Hell did I put my beer??

Hey sailor - open for business here!

You're not the boss of me...yet.

Add a lit up "D" to that sign and we have a winner.

Does the madness EVER end??

All the beers Kenny needed for the job

Kenny's about done. It should be safe to offer to help now, right?

Best flying colors ever!!

I'm ready for a beer!!

Paul!!! Wait until you're in the bathroom to shit.

Bwian's Bwoody Mawys

Nosecheese looking at someone's dick

Fifty freaking years and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

YAYYY!!, he's looking at MY package!!

Dammit, Nosecheese....I have a joojer too!!'re saying you have four 10s and four jacks???

Ahhh...Bobbio was so good last night...I hope I didn't scare him away...

Gary, hon...meat me behind...

Man! I shoulda used deodorant today!!


If I point my nose at you, it fucks up the focus...too big a target.

When I do this it looks just like a cunt. Works like one too. Wanna try it?

I, Rhaggina The Great, can sense someone telling me to fuck off.

Six aces.

Gotta get some air on these blisters or they'll never heal

Too much redeye to use redeye reduction on.

It's about time we got a rookie to work UNDER the table!

Silly, was ME!!

Fuck the giants

Has anyone noticed that when Bwian thinks gay thoughts his eyes turn red?

Lookie Licky

I predict, and I'll go out on a limb here, that my final putt on Saturday will fuck Brandt.

Converging Bullshit hands. ALWAYS a fun moment.

Hey Evan...look! Gay guys.

If I keep drinking do you think I might actually like some of you?

Go Dodgers

Guck the fiants

I wish I were here.

So you see, Brandt, you have no way in Hell of winning this fuckin' tourney.

So you know you rookies have to do anything we say? Right? Say ahhh...

Eat me giants

Blow me giants

...unless it gets posted on the website

Enough of this fucking shirt already

It's tough being a rookie. Why does everyone ignore me?

Steely focus from one gearing up to win big on Saturday.

Wine? Check. Jack? Check. Cheetos? Check. Hey Evan...dinner's ready!!

Wait! You forgot tequila.?

What is this stragnge elixer called "coffee" of which you speak??

Siamese fags...connected at the head.?

Try working with this set up, Iron Chef!

Vodka or Vodka for breakfast?

Why not both??

Bobbio playing with his meat.

Wittle cwabby wants a kissy! Damn, I'm such a fag.

Wanna smell my finger?

It's the lime green socks of the Limey wot sucks.

The anchor duo. You wouldn't believe how dead their weight was.

Lookie Lay

Brandt still has a shot at it!

No he don't.

The Field missed the guy that played through.

How far over par is the Field group? The suspense is killing us.

The guy in the hat, officer. He's the one that molested me.

Kirk...what is this smooth patch of green grass?

10 minute Gardiser set up time...captured!

Dude, we've all been peeing right there

Alms for the stupid...alms for the stupid...

Ever poke a hole in the bottom of your beer can?

Occupy Crabbage Snatch

I gotta shit next. You can fight me if'n ya want but I'm gonna poke a brownie in that bowl...

You're only as blurry as you feel

blurry as you feel


Let's make sure Benner doesn't get too close to the fire.

Which is glowing more... the fire or socks?

Is it my turn for Bobbio now?

Paul leting gravity do its magic

I LOVE white stuff in my mouth


The waiting room for "A Moment With Bobbio"

Ahh...marshmallows and IPA...

Shit, Chandler...have you EVER played that thing before???

Not for another year...shit.

Twenty-five and counting

Clabbage Home