Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2008 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2008

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Welcome to Bobbio's House of Calamari and Sphincters!!

Secret Sauce...Bobbio squeezing his herpes pus in the chili.

Hey. Fuck you! I'm in The Gang Of Four. You ain't shit!!

All right...Bwian has joined my "Closest To The Tee" team

Hey, if you just got cornholed by 30 guys, your hemorrhoids would be hurting too!

"Yes Mistel Caltlight...Hop Sing get light on that!"

Looks like Phil is open for business

Al, you said it was this LITTLE tease you.

Sauce says if I call a royal flush he'll blow me.

Cheetos...give me Cheetos...

Damn, Brandt. Save me some Cheetos!

Now tell me again why I EVEN wanted to come up here?

Ahhh, my evil plan is working...get men drunk...have my way with them...Bwahahah!

Blimey...oi can't fukkin' see a fing!

Gawd...I hope this kills Bojkie's spotie taste

Sure thing, Ev. Here? Now?

So many little time.

Sure, I'll suck ya. Just let me get this plate out of here.

Anyone want a "little" cabinboy??

Anyone got some shorts I can borrow? That Carnitas fart was a little wet...

Look...real tits on the TV!!! Ha ha...just kidding.

Orbit in orbit

Luther want Bobby!!

Kerig stacked the deck again...full house, Tom

Oh, rocked my world last night!!

Hey you fags...get a room!! if we stay in front of Gary we're safe, right

No Imelda. You're not supposed to open a shoe store and then BUY everything! think you can crap bigger'n me.

I'm so happy I'm gay!

Aye...permish'n t'cum aboard, matey??

This outfit earned Scott the "Quite Possibly Gay" award

'Nuff said

Hey, Georgie...which finger smells most like Bobby's ass?

No, Georgie...this one does!

Little Red Sodomy Hood

For a guy with my 5-iron up his ass, Wally's driving OK!

Yes, we're engaged! Thank you California!

All right! Oil is $150 a barrel.

And just why are Tom's pants went in the back???

Gay rookies abound

Hey Lodwig...can I get in there first? I really hate sloppy seconds.

So Paul's turd was was this big around...

This looks like shi... ah what the hell

Uh oh. Throw me another roll, Dave.

For the best mudsharks, ya gotta have roughage

Uh, might want to check the stove.

caption anyone?

So Bobbio, tell me again why semen is a good bonding agent for the breading on the calamari?

You sure this steak is OK?

Ah, Orb? Ya can't have 5 kings...

Man! That's the last time time I say, "Hey...everyone come here!"

Yeah, baby...I'm saving this for Kristy!

caption anyone?

Cabin Boy bracing for the money shot

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

caption anyone?

Brow me! But filst get me anothel beel, bitch!

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