Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2005 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2005

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

I don't EVEN want to know what you want to do to that meat.

Sherlock playing with his meat again.

So, Steve...which groupie do you want after the concert?

"Easy Ridee"

Coffee. Shit we're gettin' old.

Need a toothpick? Here, take a nosehair.

You know, all these years I've been at the Snatch, no one has ever poked it in my broww...

Benner stood on this very spot last year...and farted.


So Dave, how many more wins will those Niners have in '05?

Quit rolling out of turn on purpose, Fiske!

Stroke me, stroke me...

Oh, shit...I left my dildo in Hackett's ass.

"The hills are alive...with the sound of farting."

Snoid enjoying the hole in his golfbag

Anyone care to touch my shaft?

Anyone care to see a shitty golfer 16 times over?

These fuckers kept Brandt off the trophy

These three were stuffed with Pimento

The foursome of Shit, Shittiest, Shittier, and Shitty

Quick!! Form the carts into a circle. The Apaches got a whiff'a Kerig!

Chrome-domes really mess with a nighttime exposure.

So, rookie...what parts of the male anatomy do you like best?

Brundt just said he's going to win next year's tournament


Can I just keep all these??

"Grease is the word..."

Three dicks

"I promise to love, honor and swallow."

Where's Blutarski when you really need him??

Hey come no one likes us?

The calculations prove it. We CAN all fuck Kerig!

This better be important...

...oh,'s just Field yappin' again.

I'm drunk, moist, and my wife is hundreds of miles away!

Don't look now but here comes that guy who was wearing the sailor cap last night and wanting to "Swab my poop deck".

Hey Al! You may not want to stand with a guy named Oogie behind you!

I just finished a round and I don't know where the FUCK I am!!!

They take me and then just walk away...

Tom!! Watch out! Field's chipping with his driver!!

No, that's not a gun, I am just happy to see you

Ahhh, to be young and gay...

Tom, that was a good one. You're right, Tom. Do you know any more? Sure Tom. A man walks into a...

Hey, Marsh...can I have some?

This, is a dick.

Seriously, I'm gay

2G needs some orthodonture BIGTIME!!

Sasso doesn't think his beer is THAT funny.

Evan. Don't ask how that white shit got on the palm of this wooden arm, OK?

The only trophy Brandt can win.

Sure I'll take it. It's much bigger than Evan's.

So...I hear you won Quite Possibly Gay...and just where are you sleeping tonight?

Is Psycho gone yet?

See?? I swallowed it all.

Hey Bobbio...Lodwig just said he can crap bigger than Sarkisian.

Hugh has a photographic memory...and nothing more. Thank GOD for cameras!!

Practice, practice...

There's no way the aliens can pick THAT up!

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