Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2003 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2003

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

M. Parshall grabs a bite to eat at the turn

Scrot says "this is what a full week up here will do to you"

Here, smell this

Brandt says he's gonna win this year!

Clickety-clack...clickity-clack...clickity...HEY where are you fuckers????"

Picture of the honest scorekeepers on winning team

Check out this manly profile...just don't shoot below the neck

Al jacks off after porn

These munchies are mine...ALL MIIIINE!!!!!!!

Bojk toasts Brandt's impending win.

Gary wonders if he can hold the cards and sit at the same time

Shit, I'm gonna drink again, aren't I?

The only cogniscent look Evan has EVER had at the Snatch

"Bwian??...Who's Bwian???"

Gardiser having another "Out of Body" experience

Tom, the back of your neck is so pretty

See how sperm has the opposite effect of Rogaine

Kerig advertising his services

Let's see...Brandt will suck up twelve queens. In a heartbeat.

Phil enjoys a nice Cabernet every morning after his Wheaties

And Slackett gets this look on his face when I bone him

Hey, what time's the firewood getting here?

Who got next?

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