Crabbage Snatch Open - CSO 2002 Photos

Photos flom Crabbage Snatch Open 2002

what you rooking hele fol, foor?

Boink squeezing one off

Mudshark musta horked again

Preparing for battle

Gar wastex?

Ugly fucker with breakfast beer

From an old Jeffrey Dahmer recipe

Open to all cummers

Which one is his weenie?

Yeah, I got a place right over here...

A most eligible bachelor-to-be

No profiles, please

Just put your legs in the stirrups, ma'am

Jack Daniels is good for you

I gona weeng dis yeer, mang

Who peed on my golf bag?

Say, where can a guy take a Brundt?

The boyz from the wood

Ooh, Dave, that finger feels good

Here, honey, you left these in my room last night

It's the limey green socks of the Limey what sucks!

I find a good, firm grip the most important thing

Oh Jesus, man, you hit her!

Alright! Brandt's not in my foursome!

I'd like one tee time, please, for a tensome

Joo stay way fum my bitches

Sure, I'll go into the woods with you

We got a deal on these chorts, mang

I'm missing the World Air Guitar for this?!?

Marshall, isn't this all kind of stupid?

Anyone want a little Fudge?

My God, look at the size of that - I must have it!

Collectively known as The Stink Tank

If you want, we got extra gay caps over there

Dueling assholes

Dueling bellies

Is this another of Gardiser's contraptions? sleeping with me tonight or Tommy again?

Some where out there are the 18 balls I lost today

Quite Possibly Gay Contest entrant

You mean I have to get up to hit?

Oh, look...I am up!

Who loves ya, baby?

See how straight all my shots are when I use only a putter?

Gary shouldn't have swallowed

I can't play anymore - I'm out of beer

Let me grab your thing

Marcos isn't still mad about that Rookie Gang Rape, is he?"

Hey, I puck Gardiser next!

You were wonderful last night!

Fiske plays the 19th hole

Jawohl Herr Field, I vill play shitty

Unt I vill crap mein pants

I know I won...I AM smiling!

Al and Bojk in cornhole afterglow

Presto change-o...damn! I'm still an asshole!

Chit, chit, me puck Gardiser!

Sibley still looking for Mr. Goodbar

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