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what you rooking hele fol, foor?

because the look is very much the same
Pale Ales

Dave gives some of the better head I've had in my life
Cream Ales

He's not quite as good as Evan,
Wheat Beers

but when Evan's not around, what can you do?

but he complained that Evan just rattled around in there
Scottish Ales

so to speak
English Bitters

so to speak
German Altbiers

but then all Bambi wanted to do
Brown Ales

was to fart in Dave's face
Canadian Ales

so to speak
Red Ales

Bahbbio showed Dave how beautiful it could be

as long as he continues
Belgian Ales

and over and over
Amber Ales

and over and over
Rye Beers

and over and over
Beat the Mrewer

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